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  • the symbols of Dinh Co

    the symbols of Dinh Co

    Lately, I had a short visit to Dinh Co. And here is a blog about my thoughts Bà Cô (Lê Thị Hồng) Dinh Co was initially built in the 18th Century to worship a young Goddess called Le Thi Hong. According to the local tale, she was from Tam Quan, Binh Dinh, a province in…

  • Ferror Rocher sucks, but their marketing isn’t

    Ferror Rocher sucks, but their marketing isn’t

    every Christmas, my relatives, friends, etc always give Ferrero Rocher as a gift ,and vice versa. as kid, i had no good memory with this kind of chocolate and still doesn’t til this very day. the chocolate is overly sweetened, light weight, and very cheep feeling, mainly due to their plastic containers and sketchy wrappings.…